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Jean-Jacques Duval, Artist
        Born 1930 in Strasbourg, France. Studied at the Ecole Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg and the Art Students League in New York.

        At the New School For Social Research, New York City. Metropolitan Museum at the Cloister, New York City. Guest Lecturer, International Glass Conference Corning, NY.

        “Working With Stained Glass” T.Y. Crowell, Funk and Wagnall, Harper and Row and Fitzhenry & Whiteside ltd, Toronto, Canada.

        1959 Riverside Museum, New York, NY (paintings)
1960 Arts Club of Chicago, IL (stained glass)
1962 U A H C New York, NY (stained glass)
1964 Episcopal Church Center, New York, NY (stained glass)
1964 Art glass Chandelier, The Durst organization, New York City
1966 Temple Emanuel, Yonkers, NY (paintings)
1966 National Arts Club, New York, NY (paintings)
1966 Boetie Gallery, New York, NY (paintings)
1967 Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, NY (Art in Worship) (stained glass)
1971 Museum of Allentown, PA (stained glass)
1971 Corning Museum Library, Corning, NY (stained glass slide collection).
1971 The Artist Guild of New York (paintings)
1972 Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY (paintings)
1975 French Consulat, New York, NY (paintings)
1997 Arts Council of NY (paintings)
1998 Art in Hand Gallery, Essex, NY (paintings)
2000 Champlain Bk, Plattsburgh, NY (paintings)
2000 Council on the Arts, Plattsbourgh, NY (paintings)
2001 Lake Placid Arts Center, Lake Placid, NY (paintings and Stained Glass)
2002 Le Pavillion des Arts, St Jean sur Richelieu, Canada (paintings)
2003 Old Forge Art Ctr, NY (paintings)
2004 Phoenix Gallery, Burlington, VT (painting and stained glass)
2005 North Country Cultural Center for the Arts, Platts burgh, NY (glass sculptures and paintings)
2006 Calligramme Galerie, Ottawa, Canada (glass sculptures and paintings)
2007 Collins Lefebvre, Stoneberger Montreal , Canada (glass sculptures and paintings)
2007 Collins Lefebvre, Stoneberger Montreal , Canada (group show)
2007 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2008 Beaux-Arts DesAmériques, Montreal,Canada (group show)
2008 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2009 Au premier regard/ artist first glance group show July/august (paintings)
2009 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2010 Toronto International Art Fair, Canada (paintings)
2010 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2011 Beaux-Arts DesAmériques, Montreal, Canada (group show)
2011 Naples Art Fair (paintings)
2011 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2012 Papier 12 Place des Arts Montreal, Canada
2012 Beaux-Arts Des Amériques, Montreal, Canada (glass sculptures and paintings)
2012 American chamber of commmerce in Canada with the support of the Embassy of the United States
2012 Exhibition in the Workplace / Exposition au milieu de travail, Longbow Advantage, Montréal, QC.
(Commissaire / curator : Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2012 Exhibition in the Workplace / Exposition au milieu de travail, ROI Research on Investment, Montréal, QC.
(Commissaire/curator : Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2012 Exhibition in the Workplace / Exposition en milieu de travail, Low Murchison Radnoff, Ottawa, ON.
(Commissaire / curator : Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2012 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2013 Exposition en milieu de travail / Exhibition in the Workplace, Collection KBHNS, Montréal, QC
(Commissaire / curator : Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2013 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2014 Exhibition in the Workplace, Longbow Advantage, Mississauga, Ontario
Exhibition in the Workplace, Low Murchison Radnoff, Ottawa.
2014 Exhibition in the Workplace, ROI Vision, Montréal.
2014 Exhibition in the Workplace, LONGBOW, Toronto.
(Commissaire / curator : Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2014 Exposition en milieu de travail, Collection CAI Global - Montréal, Qc.
2014 Exhibition in the Workplace, Low Murchison Radnoff, Ottawa (Ontario).
2014 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2015 Exposition en milieu de travail / Exhibition in the Work place,Longbow Advantage, Montréal (QC)
2015 Works on paper, Beaux-Arts Des Amériques, Montreal,Canada
2015 Exposition en milieu de travail / Exhibition in the Workplace, CAI Global, Montréal
2015 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2016 Expositions en milieu de travail / Exhibitions in the Workplace - Leyton, Montréal, QC (Beaux-arts des Amériques)
2016 Exhibition in the Workplace CVPH Hospital lobby
2016 AAF show New York, NY
2016 Papier Montreal, Canada
2016 Conjonction - quatorze artistes, Beaux-arts des Amériques, Montréal, QC
2016 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY
2017 Exhibition in the Workplace A. Polity MD Peru, NY
2017 March/April AAF show New York, NY
2017 January/March bAdA Celebration group show, Montreal,QC
2017 May Art New York show New York, NY
2017 Adirondack Art Association, Essex, NY

        Bene award from Modern Litturgy for St. Raphael hospital New Haven, CT 1989
Bene award from Modern Litturgy for CVPH Champlain Valley Physician Hospital Plattsburgh, NY 1998-1999
New York State Council on the Arts Artist award for outstanding service and contributions to the arts for 1999
Honorary degree, Doctor of Fine Arts from SUNY Plattsburgh and the State University of New York

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Stained Glass Association of America 2005
        “In recognition for his outstanding work as one of the pioneers of the faceted glass movement in the United States, for his dedication to and innovations in the glass arts and his artistic integrity”

        Altman and Wolf Equitable Building Baltimore, MD
Holy Cross High School Chapel Interior, Waterbury, CT
Holocaust museum New York State University, Plattsburgh, NY

        Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA (Stained Glass)
Billy Rose Collection, Bezalel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel (Stained Glass)
Haddasah Hospital, Israel (Paintings)
Cultural attaché US Embassy Tokyo, Japan (Painting)
Corning Museum Library, Corning, NY (slide collection)
Numerous private collections
Plattsburgh State Art Museum, NY

        Winner of the international competition for the Vatican Pavilion at the New-York World’s Fair
B’nai Israel (historic monument) in Pittsburgh, PA
The non denominational Prince of Peace Chapel in Aspen, CO
An entire chapel and 2 nave windows at the Catholic National Shrine in Washington, DC
Chapel for the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
Historic monument commission from the German Goverment for several windows, for an 18th century church St. Martin in Martinshöhe, Germany
Nombre de dios (Oldes Catholic Church in USA) St. Augustine, FL
New York State University (Suny), Fine Arts Bldg Plattsburgh, NY
Pennsylvania State University, Altoona, PA
Holy Family Cathedral Antigua, West Indies
Several commissions in France, Germany, Canada, Japan and West Indies
et al. totally over 550 commissions in Stained Glass, Tapestries and Mosaics His work is included in many public and corporate collections

Work Published
        Art in Architecture, Louis Redstone, McGraw Hill
TWA Ambassador Magazine cover story Jan. 1972
Progressive Architecture cover Dec.1971
Stained Glass in America Gilbert Lloyd, Foundation Books
Contemporary Synagogue Art, A. Kampf
Interiors Oct. 1959
Architectural Engineering News Sept. 1963 and Nov. 1969
Craft Horizons Feb. 1959, Jul. 1959, Jan. 1968 and Aug.1971
Intellectual Digest cover story Feb.1973
The Glass Industries Apr. 1973
Aspen The Magazine Dec. - Jan. 1975 and 1981
Les Maitres de la Lumiere, Bordas, Paris, France
Cognition Margaret W. Matlin, Holt Rinehart and Win ston Faith & Form cover, winter 1993 / 94 & #3 fall 1997
Topia Magazine cover story fall 1997
Stained Glass magazine several issues.
Reflection on Glass by Virginia Raguin
The Art of Glass, Rockport Books
Stained Glass from its origin to the present, Abrams Books
American Synagogues by Samuel D. Gruber
Glass Art Magazine March/April 2012
Numerous articles in various publications and newspapers

In earlier years Duval was a recognized painter as well as a stained glass artist, exhibiting under an exclusive affiliation with the Boetie Gallery on Madison Avenue, New York City, in the 1950s and ‘60s. He was then offered a contract by the Wally Findlay Gallery, at the suggestion of the Stephan Hahn Gallery both in New York City. But the agreement proposed by the Wally Findlay Gallery would have required him to forgo his work in stained glass design at a time when his growing international reputation as an architectural stained glass designer was bringing many important commissions and providing work for the fifteen employees in his Manhattan studio. These factors led to his withdrawal from painting in the early ‘70s. Two years ago he picked up his palette knife and worked his canvases again. He also began devoting time to his former interest in lithographs and woodcuts. This exhibition is only the second in nearly 30 years of his paintings and prints.

Today he lives and maintains his design studio in a remote area of the Adirondack Mts. in Willsboro, NY. Natural forms have always interested Duval and his present environs provide a catalyst for his inspiration. From Duval Studio, situated on Lake Champlain he maintains his ability to serve clients world-wide. Duval was one of the first architectural stained glass designers in the U.S. to use dalle de verre. His unique powerful style in abstraction is furthered with this heavy thick glass. Compositional strength is structure of a chosen mass or masses. His work is not lyrical.

Betty H. Meyer: Editor, FAITH and FORM Magazine
(The Journal on Religion, Art and Architecture)
        “I can remember well the first time I saw the work of Jean- Jacques Duval. I was struck by the bold juxtaposition of his colors and forms. Much emotion was there, but not sentimentality. I admired his sophistication of concept and expression”.
I remember thinking that this arstist expresses my own religious sensitivity. The abstraction was universal, but I felt an individual mysticism.

Speaking of his collaboration with Duval, Bertram Bassuk, FAIA says:
        “I regard his empathy toward the architectural enclosure of which his work is to be an integral part, to be as fundamental a factor in his creative imagination as is his composing of its symbolic content.”
Duval’s aim continues to be to produce that which is the Best in Design and workmanship, serving the demands of purpose with due respect to the nature of the architectural setting and environment.

Professional Affiliations
        Architectural League of New-York
Glass Guild of America, senior advisor
Stained Glass Association of America, associate member

The creation of a stained glass window imposes its own strict demands:
        Integrity of design within the limits of the medium. Sensitive expression of a spiritual message in architectural terms. Opportunity for creative drama, utilizing the idiom of our own culture and era.
I believe in the permanent value of things that are well designed and soundly made, especially if they are to have more than a fleeting use, fullness or temporary attraction.

Ruth Sloan

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